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Five exciting anime updates we want to share

1. Dr. Stone- Age of Exploration Arc


Dr. Stone has become one of the more popular new generation anime released in recent years. The series adapts from the manga running by the same name which released in 2019 by TMS Entertainment. With season 2 ending in March, fans were longing to know if there was going to be a season 3, it seems there are more answers coming to light.

The series drew attention of fans with its interesting plot line and characters over the span of two seasons. The story documents Senku Ishigami's attempts to restore civilization from a 3700 year long petrification of humanity. Ishigami proves himself to be a genius as he perfects different complex theories and experiments to release those affected by the long running disaster.

Fans were given peace of mind by the following video promotion that confirmed season three but there is only so much we know so far besides what appears to be a sea fairing season of adventure.

Video promotion of season 3; Source: Youtube

With the release of the teaser on social media, let's take a look at where season 3 could be going based on the manga series. It would make the most sense for the series to continue in tune with the manga, which would mean that the series is looking to adapt from the "Source of Petrification Saga", more specifically starting with the "Age of Exploration Arc". The idea of exploration would directly explain the need for a ship to sail the vast sea as Ishigami and his crew continue their journey. Season two also ended with Ishigami unpetrifing Ryusui Nanami who is an expert navigator of the seas.

Though there is no official release date, fans have suggested that the release of trailers for season 3 means that the series will have a release date annoucment soon. At any rate, it seems that we will join the Kingdom of Science as they are sea bound for some part of what season 3 holds!

2. Attack on Titan- Final Season Part II

Image: MAPPA Studios

Attack on Titan's final season will continue with its part II in January of 2022! Attack on Titan is another anime series that quickly gained acclaim in anime communities around the world. Final season Part I was the most in demand and highly anticipated anime released when it dropped back in 2020 according to Though the story does adapt from the original manga by the same name-which has been completed-it is unclear what all will happen in the final episodes of the popular show.

The story follows Eren Jaeger and his small community surviving within a series of walls. A military style bout is in constant insurrection with man going head to head with man eating Titans. Eren always thought of enlisting in the local military forces but, when a titan eats his mother in front of him, his vow to kill all titans validates his convictions. He and his comrades go on to join the Survey Corps where they take to the field to slaughter the enemy Titan forces; until Eren begins to unveil more truths and secrets behind the madness they live in.

Part one of the final season left fans struck with questions, immediately awaiting the release of the second and final part. Studio Mappa gave fans a teaser to the return of the show this October with an official trailer release, you can check it out here:

Official Attack on Titan Trailer; Video Source: Youtube

There you have it! Come January 9th, 2022 we will see episode 76 "Judgment" hit most anime platforms like Crunchyroll or Funimation to name a few. The trailer leaves many things left unanswered but fans can certainly anticipated a grand finale to the long years of warfare within the Attack on Titan universe. Just what will happen to Eren, his friends, and his enemies in this final bout?

3. Demon Slayer- Entertainment District Arc

Image: Funimation

Tanjirou, his sister Nezuko, and the rest of their demon fighting corps are coming back for an official season 2! The blockbuster anime will return for its second season after wowing fans with its first season and major film that released between 2019-2020. The story is another direct adaptation of a popular manga series that follows a boys journey to save his sister and avenge his family in the midst of a human vs. demon war.

The show released its first 26-episode season in 2019 which adapted several of the major events that make up the first arcs of the manga itself. The series then took to the big screen with its adaptation of the "Mugen Train Arc" in 2020.

Image: Crunchyroll

The movie follows Tanjirou and his fellow new members of the Demon Slayer Corpse as they take on a mission to get the the root cause of strange disappearances on the local Mugen Train. Once on board, all is not as it seems as the young swordsmen must use wit and grit to follow through with their mission. It quickly became a box office hit, particularly in America where the anime community is rapidly growing. According to box office data by, the Mugen Train film is only the second ever anime film to reach number one in US box office and was number one across the globe.

The official season 2, also called the "Entertainment Disctrict Arc", is set to pick up right where Mugen Train leaves off. Tanjirou and company will follow along side senior demon slayer Yoshiwara to the Red Light District where it is reported a demon is terrorizing the locals. The season will also likely give us a deeper look into the Demon Slayer Corpse elite circle-also known as the Hashira. As secrets are unveiled and new foes make their way to the fray, will Tanjirou get any closer to saving his sister Nezuko and learning how to end the demon insurrection in the world?

4. My Hero Academia- Season 6 Confirmed

Image: GameRant

A September edition of Shonen Jump confirmed a season 6 of My Hero Academia. Season 5 ended on September 25th of 2021 and left fans in a space of preparation for the big battle between heroes and villains that will change the world. The story seems to be leading perfectly into the "Paranormal Liberation War Arc" if things follow the Mangas timeframe.

A fresh take on the hero story type, My Hero Academia follows young Midoryia. Though quirkless (the series name for super powers and abilities) young Midoryia is given a chance to follow in his childhood hero All Might's footsteps as he becomes his disciple and gains access to his great powers. Midoryia then enters class 1A at U.A. High where he and his classmates improve their hero skills in hopes to follow their top heroes footsteps.

Unlike some of the other projects on our list, there is no official date on when the new season will premiere. As an article from noted, the hiatus time between seasons 4 and 5 of the series took around a year. As we wait for more concrete news to come in, let's hope the new seasons comes to us in 2022.

Image: Funimation

In the meantime, if you already caught up on the new season, you could always check out the new film that recently released; My Hero Academia: World Heroes' Mission. The movie premiered in October and in the firs ten days generated about 14.5 million USD. To get access to the whole My Hero Academia series check out places like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

5. Jojo's Bizarre Adventure- Stone Ocean Arc

Image: Netflix

Jojo's Bizarre adventures follows the lineage of the Joestars over a series of adventures and battles against supernatural enemies. The show is very well known for its unique story, art and combat styles, and poses throughout the series. A combat style driven by the divine use of life energy represented by figures known as "Stans", the Joestar family and their friends take on many dark supernatural forces.

This running manga and anime is also very interesting as it closely reflects a lot of real life concepts such as family history or tradition. Season 1 released in 2012 and was 26 episodes encompassing 2 parts (113 manga chapters) in which the Joestar family takes on many supernatural foes. Since then three more seasons have aired, the JoeStar family tree has grown, and the tradition of battle continued making the show a compelling fan favorite. Fans waited news about a new season of the show until this past August when an official trailer released for Stone Ocean; check it out here.

Official Stone Ocean Trailer; Video Source: Youtube, Netflix

Stone Ocean will cover the 17-volume manga that ran from 2000-2003 in weekly Shonen Jump. According to the Netflix synopsis, the setting is 2011 Florida where a young girl is framed for a crime she didn't commit. "...will she ever be free from this prison- this stone ocean? The final battle in the century-spanning, intertwining fate of the Joestar family and Dio begins!"

So we know the Joestar legacy with Dio continues for at least one more story arc and, no, this isn't the last story arc of the popular anime series. There are still two parts of the manga for the series to adapt, "Steel Ball Run" and the "Jojolion saga". If these are adapted as a part of the series as well, that would take the anime into at least seven seasons to keep viewers entertained! There is a lot to look forward to in the world of the Joestars, but for now be sure to catch Stone Ocean this coming December on Netflix exclusively!

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